�”Natural glass wool” threw on Hawaiianbeaches

Volcanic lava is dangerous for all living things, it is probably
everyone understands, but the average man in the street is not even
suspects how much.

Так, на Гавайях, где сейчас свирепствует вулкан Килауэа, beaches
covered with countless clusters of amazing golden fibers
and strands known as “Pele’s hair”. Despite all their beauty,
contact them categorically can not, because they cause
in animals, including humans, inflammation, bleeding and
other very unpleasant symptoms and diseases up to
fatal outcome.

�”Pele’s hair” is the finest volcanic filament
Fiberglass Specifies Don Swanson – Geologist at the Hawaiian Observatory
volcanoes. When the lava temperature is about 1160 degrees Celsius
splashes, beats a fountain or spills, splashes it quickly
stretch and freeze in the wind, and he carries the fibers to
distance of many kilometers. Such fibers are brown and
golden color, very similar to human hair, which is why their
so called. However, they are very dangerous: imagine that you
inhale tiny glass fibers. Hitting such a “natural
glass wool “in the water makes it also dangerous to the animal world,
because glass chips cause inflammation in all organs,
wherever it penetrates.

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