Nature seems crazy in Peru.

In the region of Cusco in the south-east of the Republic of Peru, an incredible
intense rains that resulted in very unpredictable
effects. The earth was covered here with huge cracks, pits and
wells Over the past few days, such faults have appeared on
30 hectares of land and their distribution continues
increase. The displacement of the soil led to the destruction of hundreds of homes,
among which were even a hospital and a school.

Authorities declared a state of emergency in the area.
Officials say they will provide assistance within two months
to each victim. A similar geological situation is observed.
here for the first time, for this reason, the Peruvian government does not know
how to react to it.

Experts have already been sent to the disaster area to assess the threat to
people. Many locals, by the way, are confident that they
the spirits of nature were angry, that is why this
natural disaster that scientists could not explain.

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