Navajo shamans warned: man should notlook at the “black” sun

The largest American Indian tribe today – the Navajo counts
up to 250 thousand people. These Indians became famous during the Second
World War, when several hundred of them served as radio operators in
american army. They passed even the most secret information.
in plain language, however, in their own language, which
decoding did not give in.

Today, this tribe has again started talking all over the world, because
Navajo shamans recently turned to the Americans with a warning
that the forthcoming rarest eclipse for America is impossible
considered as entertainment, that is, a person should not look into
This time on the “black” light, under any circumstances.

While various devices for monitoring
solar eclipse began to buy up in the US since the spring of the current
years and they were sold countless Navajo Indians themselves
tomorrow during this sacred celestial phenomenon will remain in
indoors, and with the windows closed. Look at the sun in it
time, even briefly, the shamans say, is a bad sign for a man.
If this happens to someone by chance, you should hold
�”Leper” through a special rite in order to clean from fallen
curses upon him.

Modern Americans laugh at the superstitions of the Indians, however,
as practice shows, such knowledge is not born out of nothing
place and not sucked from the finger, and have deep roots and
based on secret knowledge. This is why Indians are only contrite.
shake their heads, looking like the pale faces are preparing for tomorrow
�”Holiday”, because half of North America literally stands on the ears
waiting for this unique astronomical event. And judging by
all for nothing …

Fortunately, in our hemisphere there will be no solar tomorrow.
eclipses. Let’s see how breaking this taboo will affect
Americans, because the warning of their native shamans is unlikely
stop from such entertainment – to stare at the “black” sun …

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