Nazca mummies: what the fifth research showed�”Alien”

In Peru, research continues on the unique mummies of aliens,
found in a hidden tomb located in a desert cave
Nazca. Gaia’s filmmakers, as promised, are watching
events, and therefore have already released the fifth documentary
video on this study (see below).

This time he is dedicated to exploring the fifth and tiniest
�”Alien” – мумии, которая, по предположению ученых,
belongs to an alien child. At the moment, this tiny
creatures taken bone samples, and from the finger, because
mummy’s three-pallies cause the greatest doubts in their reality.
Such samples are needed for DNA testing and radiocarbon analysis. Besides
In addition, an x-ray of the body was taken and a computed tomography was performed.
All this is covered in the documentary tape, on which
Operations research commented in detail on the Russian doctor
Medical Sciences Konstantin Korotkov, who is deputy
Director of the Federal Research Institute
physical culture of St. Petersburg and at the same time a specialist in
areas of alternative medicine:

At first glance, the mummy’s skeleton differs little from
structures of the ordinary human body, however there are also certain
inconsistencies, the most characteristic of which is three-toed
palm mummy.

The controversy about these strange mummies has not abated until now, because
if academic science recognizes that these are alien remains, all
this may turn our understanding of human history. AND
because many do not like it, and they do everything to prove
as Konstantin Korotkov says, that this is a fake, that to ordinary
the remains of human skeletons were simply attached (of course,
very skillfully) three-fingered palms, most likely, bird’s paws.

However, supporters of the version that these are mummies of aliens do not want
give up, but because the study continues, and it is detailed
illuminated by Gaia documentary filmmakers. True government
Peru, apparently, is not interested in these studies and
because not only does not help scientists, but also puts them all sorts of
obstacles. As the researchers say, the hand of the powerful is not
interested in discovering the truth (the truth of human history),
already felt. ANDнтересно все-таки, чем же все это закончится?
It seems that, as usual, a farce …

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