Near our sun something flies again -gigantic and mysterious

The indefatigable paranormal investigator George Graham,
leading on YouTube hosting the popular Streetcap1 channel,
Recently, more attention has been paid to photographic materials.
NASA satellites that monitor our Sun.

What is the reason, I wonder? The ufologist himself explains this
�“Close study” not by Svetlana himself, but by the frequent
anomalies that occur near him. What near the sun only
have not noticed lately. And as if skeptics did not criticize
virtual researchers who supposedly make an elephant out of a fly
Our SS star is really exposed lately
a certain “invasion” by the mysterious UFO.

This time (watch the video) George Graham offers us
get acquainted with another anomaly near the Sun, recorded 22
May this year. A giant object that just can’t be confused.
with the release of the coronal mass of the Sun, clearly passes by the disk
stars. It’s not clear, of course, that the UFO is between the Earth and the Sun.
or behind the star. Assuming the latter, then its size can
to be much more than we think. Although at the very minimum
�The “assumption” of a ufologist, a UFO should not be in scale
less Earth.

What kind of giant flies near the sun, wonders
researcher, and can it be dangerous: as for the Luminary itself,
so in general and for our Earth?

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