Near the ruins of an English castlephotographed the ghost of a monk

50-year-old Briton John Weeks and his 12-year-old son Harry visited
recently the ruins of medieval castle ainsford in the eponymous
A village located in the English county of Kent. There are our heroes
made a lot of photos required for homework
teen history. Only when father and son returned home, they
unexpectedly noticed on one of the pictures taken ominous dark
a figure resembling a monk in a robe.

John and Harry are well aware that there were no ruins near the fortress
people in outlandish clothes. As you might guess, Wicks
they immediately considered that the present had fallen into the lens of their camera
ghost. This will be an unexpected addition to the school report,
isn’t it, father joked? After that, our heroes looked into
Internet and found the old legend relating to Ainsford Castle, in
which really includes the spirit of the monk. According to the myth, in 1130
year, Earl William de Ainsford, contained this castle for
The Archbishop of Canterbury, went to the monastery. The circumstances of his
deaths remain unknown, however it is claimed that after
the death of William his phantom, dressed in a black robe, became
notice in the castle almost monthly.

According to John, this is not the first case of his collision with
supernatural phenomena. And for this there are certain
prerequisites: in 1995, he got on a motorcycle in an accident and suffered
clinical death. When Wicks actually died, he saw his
grandfather, who asked John not to leave the world of the living (he, they say, still
early to do it) and return to their relatives. Then the Briton came
in the hospital – the doctors managed to re-launch his heart. WITH
Since then, all sorts of mystical things constantly happen to him.
Maybe that’s why the man managed to capture on camera and
ghost monk. Probably having been once in the afterlife, John
got the ability to attract (call) people from
of this thin mirror glass.

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