Near the solar system found blackhole with a powerful gravitational field

While many alternative explored trumpets about
the approach of the mysterious Nibiru, also known as the Planet
X, other experts argue that fear of humanity is
something else.

According to these experts, in the vicinity of the solar system
there is a black hole, ready to destroy our Earth. Astronomers
have no idea how big our chances are for
destruction, however, warns that such a danger exists and
she is more real than the mystical Nibiru.

Black holes with stellar mass are completely invisible.
They are able to absorb absolutely everything in their path. Gravitational
the attraction of a black hole is as colossal as to leave such
the area of ​​space-time is not able even to those objects
that move at the speed of light, including the light quanta themselves.
Researchers are convinced that such a deadly black hole
located near our planetary system.

Experts explain that although you can’t see a black hole,
can be determined by gravity anomalies. For example, when
stellar rays change their trajectory and are bent in space.
It is precisely such deviations that scientists discovered at the beginning of the month
determining that they are created by a black hole. Despite the fact that
know its size is not yet possible, experts
report that even a minor black hole is fully capable
devour our blue ball when a given physical object
will begin a rapprochement with the sun.

True, space experts do not really know what will happen.
farther? For example, it is believed that through a black hole matter is simply
passes into a different universe, and therefore as far as this passage will be
destructive for our planet, nobody knows, maybe we even nothing
not notice. Or almost nothing …

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