Near the Sun discovered a giant alienan object

Popular ufologist Scott Waring tells what he found on
видеозаписи Солнца инопланетный an object гигантских размеров. By
According to the researcher, a mysterious movie was made recently
spacecraft “SOHO”, designed to observe
our star. European Space Project Joint
agencies and NASA allows you to follow the Sun through 12
advanced instruments including coronal spectrometer
diagnostics, charge and particle analysis system, ultraviolet
telescope, solar wind anisotropy meter and so on.

Sometimes a satellite captures unexplained anomalies, and one of
Scott noticed them on January 19 of this year. Including submitted
below the video, you can see the white unidentified flying
an object, находившийся сравнительно близко к светилу. Dimensions of this
spacecraft must be colossal and you can only
guess where it came from. Ufolog as easy
guess, convinced that it was an alien spaceship. Waring
suggests that representatives of some extraterrestrial civilization
extract energy from the sun. Whole-sized flying ship
the planet is probably moving at the speed of light because it
it was imprinted only on one frame of the filmed “SOHO” video.

However, ufologists have found such UFOs near the Sun for a long time and,
I must say, with enviable constancy. And in vain skeptics
chuckle at independent researchers because the dimensions
such “devices” are commensurate with our planet, or even more (this
вызывает скептицизм), объяснить на фоне звезды некоторые an objectы
otherwise it is simply not possible, referring to flashes, protuberances, and so on:
they are artificial in their forms and methods of movement. AND
the current UFO is more proof of that …

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