Near the Tunguska crater found incomprehensiblean object

For more than a century, research continues on the famous
Tunguska meteorite, exploded once over Siberia. Many
ufologists are convinced that it was in reality no
meteorite, and the alien spacecraft crashed on
our planet. Other researchers agree with the theory of meteorite,
however, they are convinced that they were destroyed by aliens, as they did
this is with the Chelyabinsk race car. In any case, all professionals
занимает один вопрос: куда делись обломки этого громадного an objectа,
whatever he is

Virtual archaeologists, recently reviewing satellite imagery,
discovered suddenly in the vicinity of the freshwater lake Cheko in Krasnoyarsk
region (considered by some scientists to be a crater filled with water from
the fall of the Tunguska meteorite) is something interesting. Among the green
оказался крупный голубоватый an object многоугольной формы. Above he
somewhat reminiscent of some kind of structure, however, given the perspective,
it probably still can’t be a construction. Besides
there are no buildings in this map
place И еще: загадочный an object, как утверждают уфологи, имеет
faint but still metallic reflections, which also leads to
certain thoughts.

Maybe this is one of the wreckage of the legendary meteorite? Or even
part of the crashed alien ship? ..

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