Near the “Zone-51” found “a hole in the ground with blacktentacles around “

Specialists from the popular community “Third
Phase of Moon “made another curious discovery.

Researchers viewed satellite images of the legendary
military airbase “Zone-51” in Nevada, where Americans like
many believe they are making mysterious experiments on alien
mind or work with alien technology. Suddenly
the attention of experts was attracted by a very strange object on a classified
territory, suspiciously similar to a frame from some
sci-fi horror movie.

Ufologists carefully studied their discovery and told something about it
very interesting internet public:

We found here a large hole in the ground, from which comes
many obscure black tentacles. What have we stumbled upon?
Has anything escaped from “Zone-51”? We think the alien
the creature subjected to the experiments here could have escaped from under
control earthlings and rush, as they say, “whither look”.
That means it can be anywhere now! This is very
sad news. It’s no secret that the US military
periodically knock out alien alien aircraft and set over
surviving guests from other planets inhuman experiments.
Someday we will certainly answer for this.

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