Near the “Zone 51” mysteriously crashedfighter

Not far from the famous American air base
�”Zone 51″ occurred a mysterious plane crash. As a result
This crash killed the pilot, who was at the helm of the air
the vessel. 44-year-old Eric Schulz (pictured above) was experienced and
honored pilot, but because the fall of his fighter causes
many questions and suspicions.

US military officials decide to talk about it.
the incident only a few days later, which only stirs
public distrust of them. Moreover, it suddenly became known
that last week near the “Area 51″ broke as many as 3
fighter! September 5 collapsed multi-functional bomber
�”F-35” with Eric Schulz on board, and on September 6, more
2 accidents involving aircraft.

According to the press secretary of the airbase, Colonel Schulz died in
injuries, however, this occurred on the spot or in
hospital, not reported. The cause of the plane crash, they say, is not
known, and at the moment trying to figure it out. However,
about the other two disasters, the military refuse to talk.
Journalists are not able to figure out what kind of aircraft they were
and who were their pilots.

Are aliens involved in the crash of a fighter?

Eric Schulz was the 28th pilot who sat down at the F-35 steering wheel. what
could have happened to him near “Zone 51”? Some conspiracy therapists
предполагают, что fighter был атакован кораблем представителей
extraterrestrial civilization. The base has long been shrouded in veils of secrets and rumors.
There is much evidence that the US military
the researchers here shot down their “flying saucer” (or even more than one),
as well as the remains of her pilot. Did the “green men” decide
to avenge earthlings for their fellows?

Other conspiracy theories believe that
Schulz was flying not in the fifth-generation fighter-bomber, but in
secret aircraft that was designed
American engineers based on technology obtained
due to the study of the aforementioned “flying saucer”. Maybe in
the aircraft has experienced a critical malfunction and
fell to the ground before the colonel managed to eject.

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