Near Yellowstone captured strange�”Fire Birds”

In the area of ​​Yellowstone volcanic caldera in the northwest
The United States captured a mysterious phenomenon. Surveillance camera in
Grand Teton National Park photographed several times
incomprehensible creatures like firebirds.

At the moment this place is closed for tourists because of the risk
expansion of cracks in the ground. Cryptozoologists and other researchers
the anomalous suggest that this is why these creatures
scattered here: on the one hand, they are not disturbed by people now, but with
another – they can foreshadow an approaching catastrophe, that is,
blast of supervolcano Yellowstone. Some users of the World
cobwebs even express the opinion that some
the spirits of nature that appeared here and now far from
by chance…

According to the words of other web regulars, it’s probably about
phoenix – mythological birds with fiery plumage. If you believe
ancient legends, the phoenix is ​​an immortal creature who,
getting sick, old or seriously wounded, burns and then
reborn in the form of a chick from the ashes. Despite the fact that before
such fantastic creatures never fell into the lenses
cameras, some people reported seeing them even these days.

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