Nearest Future Hard Drives – Drives in100 TB or more

To date, the famous manufacturers of hard drives –
Seagate and Western Digital promise soon
surprise the world with tens or even hundreds of hard drives

So far, Seagate boasts a 14 TB Barracuda Pro hard drive
capacity. This is already a considerable achievement, although the company has already stated that
a 48 TB drive will soon be released to the market, and by 2025
появится диск не менее чем в 100 TB As reported by meticulous
journalists, relying on leaked secret data, in such
unique devices will use become magnetic recording with
heated – HAMR, i.e. hybrid technology with magneto-optical
principle of recording and purely magnetic – when reading, which will allow
increase the capacity of this type of hard drive many times. Bye drives
with such technology in the market there, but by the end of this year
they should be available from Seagate partners for testing.

But Western Digital can boast
modern technology MAMR in the manufacture of hard drives, then
there is no recording using a laser, as it is done in the system
HAMR, and through microwaves. The first commercially available hard drives
such as the company’s management promises to deliver in 2019. Here too
traced plans to release discs with dozens, and then
сотнями терабайт capacity.

True, supporters of laptops and other mobile devices are unlikely
whether they can rejoice at such innovations, since both technologies
can be called “voracious” in terms of electricity consumption. BUT
for stationary computers it will be just right. Prices,
even preliminary, the new drives have not been disclosed.

However, as experts say in the development of modern
data storage facilities in the development of such
hard drives everything can change drastically
since scientists are constantly working to find for this
goals are something more sophisticated and simple, and not only volumetric,
but also eternal in terms of the preservation of recorded information, and indeed
very expensive for the consumer …

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