Network user talked about the bride’s ghost andpublished his photo

User “Reddit” with the nickname DoubleV_FTW told others
The site’s regulars have an amazing story, in confirmation of which
laid out a mysterious photo.

The author of the publication says that his friend, along with his
the bride bought in the fall of 2017 an old house built back in
1850s. The building is located in the historic district of the city.
Before that, it belonged to a couple that didn’t even come close to
construction. Real estate has been empty for over 20 years, and future spouses
we decided to buy it in order to build a family nest here.

So far, only speculation about the ghosts of the old house

DoubleV_FTW reports that a friend invited him to his
September last year, immediately after the purchase of the building. Still in the house
there was no electricity, and even the windows were still boarded up.
The men were forced to walk inside the mansion with flashlights at 2:00.
of the day When the newly-born homeowner decided to show his friend
the basement, our hero was shackled by an incomprehensible feeling, as if below
there was something bad and even dangerous. He refused to go down
there, and then friends went to inspect the upper floors.

A month later, in October 2017, the friends of our hero, that is,
a young pair of lovers took up repair. New owners made
some pictures of the interior of the house and posted them on Facebook.
DoubleV_FTW looked at these shots one night and suddenly noticed
on one of them is something strange and frightening.

At the top of the stairs leading to the second floor was incomprehensible
vague silhouette, suspiciously like a woman in a wedding
dress and veil. Our hero tried to find what he saw rational
explanation and finally concluded that this is an optical illusion,
caused by lighting and divorces from moisture on the walls. Anyway,
he decided not to tell the couple about his find, so as not to frighten people
in vain. Future spouses in this case, apparently, nothing
noticed on this photo.

Confirmation of the medium that the house is full of ghosts

Recently, the couple got married, but the newlyweds still have not moved in.
in their home, because they did not finish the repair there. Building too
large, and even with hired workers requires significant
time to bring it a proper look.

In order to help solve this problem more quickly financially, the spouse
decided to find a job. During one of the interviews she
unexpectedly met a woman who called herself a medium and
asked if the girl lived in such an old house – and called

Needless to say that the new wife was to the extreme
surprised by a guess of a stranger. She continued to say something strange
and suddenly declared that embittered are now attached to the girl
energy entities living in that mansion. Psychic also
reported some details on the current state of the house,
which no outsider could have known.

The family invited the clairvoyant to herself, and the medium determined that
inside there are a lot of spirits angry by the turbulent activity
people in the house, that is, their repair. Visitors from the other world are clearly not
I liked that the living disturbed their long peace. According to
the psychic, most ghosts huddle in the basement, however one of
them, owned by a woman and dressed in a wedding dress, lives on
second floor.

When DoubleV_FTW heard this story, he immediately remembered
photos with a mysterious human silhouette on the stairs. Now
he is convinced that the ghost was indeed imprinted on the picture
the bride.

Clairvoyant recommended the family couple to turn to more
a strong specialist who can successfully clean the house from
unwanted entities. Currently, spouses are engaged
search for such a person and try once again not to approach
inhabited by unclean building. Repair it, you know,
has stopped…

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