New amazing discovery associated with the deathDyatlova tour group

DNA examination allowed Russian specialists to establish that
in the grave of Semen Zolotarev – one of the members of the infamous
Dyatlova tourist group – the remains are completely different

Because of this, new conversations immediately flared up and fresh ones began to spread.
rumors of the mysterious death of a team of travelers headed by
Igor Dyatlov. The following is quite surprising:
burial body comparison with photographs showed that it was
nevertheless Zolotarev. The results of this study were voiced in
the program “In fact,” shown the other day on Channel One.
You can view this release by turning on the one below.

Geneticist Alexei Grokhovenko, who conducted the examination, explains
that a tissue sample was taken from the bone buried in this grave
person As a result, experts found on one site
deoxyribonucleic acid 14 mismatches, completely
excluding the relationship of this mysterious individual with the present
Seed Zolotarev. DNA for comparison was taken from a niece and
granddaughter of the deceased.

Recall that the body was exhumed recently at Ivanovsky
cemetery in Yekaterinburg at the request of the employees of the “Komsomolskaya
the truth. ” According to the living relatives of Semen Alekseevich, they
shocked by this discovery because they always believed that the remains
Zolotarev rest in his grave.

Of course, journalists, experts and relatives of the deceased
Immediately there were many questions. Who owns the one found in
Zolotarev skeleton skeleton? Why is the appearance of Seeds going with
other dyatlovtsami on mountain Kholatchakhl, coincided with the appearance
buried here in 1959 man? Where did the real
Instructor Kourovskoy camp site? Could it be that he did not
died on a sinister pass?

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