New artificial intelligence makes decisionsbased on intuition and is able to bluff

Robots created for logic games with humans are not too
impressive ordinary man in the street. However, do not rush to
conclusions. The fact is that such programs demonstrate
Today, the most impressive results for self-study,
self-improvement and imitation of human thinking.

For example, the artificial intelligence “AlphaGo”, which will
speech in this news, became famous in May of this year by the fact that
first beat the world professional in Go – a popular desktop
game with deepest strategic content. And he did it
without any giveaways by the person. This victory has become
a very significant breakthrough in the field of AI, since scientists are well
versed in Go, predicted that it would happen no earlier

Formerly, AlphaGo used general principles for training.
machine learning and elementary go theory games, however with
Recently, the robot refused any help from its
The creators and beginnings are developing completely independently.

Someone wonders: what is so great about it and how is it
This program can be called advanced artificial
intellect? Like, enumerates the algorithm many options
locating the stones on the board and finding the best solutions for
victory Delov something … However, in fact everything is much more complicated and
more interesting.

�”AlphaGo” works on the basis of neural networks, i.e., imitates,
by and large, human mental activity. At the very
In fact, the program does not iterate over any options, since their number
for the game Go is so great that it will not cope with this task for
millions of years even the most powerful modern supercomputer.
Artificial Intelligence uses logic and a kind of similarity.
intuition, he is also purely humanly bluffing and defaming. Playing with
people, he is constantly studying human behavior, borrowing from living
players clever moves, remembering the failed ones, perhaps absorbing even
human emotions.

The program has already learned to invent their own unique
game techniques that allow it to easily beat the world
champions. Recognized masters are forced to sharpen their strategy
many years to develop similar steps. AlphaGo has
it takes a few days. Unlike other programs,
designed for logic games, AlphaGo not only uses
human knowledge, but also far beyond them.
Some experienced Go players admit that the program is playing “on
God’s level ”, and it’s not possible to compete with it
to win, and to learn from her skill. Like this,
dear skeptics who do not believe that artificial intelligence is already
soon equal to the human, and then surpass it!

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