New clothes before wearing is necessarywash

As shown by a survey made by researchers at the Medical Center
Columbia University, more than 50 percent of people do not know
of this, although some intuitively still wash new clothes
before you wear it. However, almost 30 percent
The respondents do not do this. And in vain …

Here is what the dermatologist of this medical
Donald Belcito Center:

New clothes can have lice as well as microbes of various
infectious diseases, for example, are so easily transmitted scabies.
Therefore, even trying on new clothes in the store is dangerous –
There is a certain risk, despite the fact that solid trade
businesses are watching this.

And once followed, it means that new clothes are exposed to chemical
processing, and therefore wear it without pre-washing too
can not. Otherwise, such clothing may cause irritation.
skin, allergic rashes and other unpleasant consequences.

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