New manned ship of Russia for the futurespace missions

Rocket and Space Corporation of Russia “Energy” creates
reusable manned ship – PTK, which will be capable
raise six astronauts and about half a ton of payload. Himself
project to create new manned vehicles that will notice
outdated “Unions”, has the name “Federation”.

The modern PKT Federation will be put into near-earth orbit
first rocket “Angara-A5″, and then the carrier of the middle class
�”Phoenix”. The new device will be used in the implementation of the first
the turn of the lunar manned mission, which would complement
programs for the launch of automatic stations “Luna-25”, “Luna-26″,
�”Luna-27”. In the future, a manned ship can be sent and
to Mars – following the ExoMars mission, which is carried out
Russia together with ESA.

The new ship will be controlled using liquid crystal
displays, an interesting novelty in it will be, for example, and
unique space bathroom that will allow crew members
dispense with diapers.

Manned ships “Federation” will be reusable. For example,
to the moon they can fly from 3 to 10 times depending on
mission duration, and to Earth orbit – at least 10 times.
And on such a device can travel crews from 2 to 6
man, and depending on this the duration of the flight will be

But the greatest advantage of Russian manned
The apparatus will become its versatility. If the American counterparts
have a narrow specialization (Orion is designed for flights to the moon,
Dragon – orbiter for servicing space stations
and so on), the Federation will be able to practically

In conclusion, I would like to say that when choosing a new name
manned ship, there was a lot of offer and even disputes.
The name “Gagarin” seemed the most preferable, however
management of the corporation opted for a more stringent but
very “speaking” name – “Federation”.

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