New optical illusion amusedthe Internet

In the picture above, you can see several
circles crossed by colorful lines. It seems
that the circles themselves also have a different shade, however this is by no means
not this way. In fact, they are exactly the same color, just eyes
cheat on us Check it out easily in “Photoshop” or any other.
graphic editor.

According to the professor, this effect is called an illusion.
Munker-wight. David novik researched for a whole year
a visual phenomenon to create such an amazing image.
The American concluded that the circles change (in our view) their
hue depending on the color of the straight lines crossing them.

The new optical illusion was quite liked by the regulars.
The World Wide Web, many of which have begun to distribute it to
various entertainment portals. Admire it and you. And not
just admire, but also think about how
our vision is imperfect: after all, sometimes it is it that “throws up” us
all sorts of paranormal things, which in reality

By the way, on our site you can find optical illusions,
helping to determine the age of a person, his mental state and
much more. That is, you know, everything is very subjective here –
and no real anomaly …

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