New photos of creepy Dear David hit inNetwork

We already wrote about the New York artist Adam Ellis,
asserting that in his apartment from time to time
materializes the creepy ghost of a little boy named
Dear David with a deformed head.

First an American told on Twitter a story about first meetings.
with a phantom kid, then suddenly laid out in a social network
some photos of a nightmarish alien
managed to do one at night. Millions of users of the World
the web reads with bated breath a story about the interaction of a man with
unclean. And this frightening story is not over yet.

The other day, Adam said that he was able to fix again
supernatural guest in the pictures. Ellis installed on the book
the shelf in his bedroom the camera automatically taking one photo once
in a minute, and went to bed. When he woke up the next morning and
looked through the first hundred received images, then did not see them
nothing suspicious, but then he went cold inside. On
later frames are noticeable, like a ghostly boy first
appears on the couch, then moves directly to the bed where he sleeps
our hero. After that, the restless spirit of a child does
approaches close to the camera, thanks to which the lens clearly
gets part of his head.

Adam writes:

Imagine how fast my heart beat when I
I saw these frames. I was scared to view them all, but I knew
that I had no choice. I need to know what happens in
my own home. And so, he stood on a bed, in several
inches from me, and watched while I sleep! And on the next
photos he went straight to the camera! Dear david knew perfectly well
that it is installed there. I have no words. Look at this
shapeless ear and on his sparse hair. By the way, then he again
disappeared, and on the remaining pictures in the room only I can be seen sleeping under
a blanket.

Many people, as you might guess, refer to these
materials are very skeptical. It is impossible to say with precision that
really captured on these photos: a real ghost with
deformed head or plastic doll made
especially for the hoax. Doubtful Network users also
note the fact that Ellis exclusively photographs
supposed phantom, although it would be more logical to record it on video.
A lot of commentators want to see the mythical Dear David in
movement, in order to make sure once and for all that this is the real
a ghost, not a creepy toy from a crazy home show,
invented by a man with a sore head.

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