New shot of the Chupacabra hit the Web

At one of the foreign sites dedicated to cryptozoology,
published a mysterious snapshot allegedly showing
the legendary chupacabra.

The photograph depicts a large gray creature
colors hiding in the bushes near the road.

Unfortunately, the image has a rather low quality, and
it is not possible to discern the cryptide in detail. Probably,
therefore, many users of the resource reacted to the material
too serious, although any information about the mysterious creatures of our
The world is certainly interesting to someone.

Very blurry photo. Unambiguously cryptide, writes one

Whatever it was, they were clearly filming for the potato
a tuber, says another.

Don’t be so angry. Just at his camera, should
be glaucoma, the third is joking.

Since when did the chupacabra become a four-legged animal,
like a dog? Previously, it was a huge winged creature,
resembling a bat, surprised by the fourth surprisingly all
the others, since I obviously confused the Chupacabra with
a moth man.

One user gave a link to a documentary,
telling about the same mysterious creature, so
We invite you to watch an interesting video and at least for yourself
determine who does this mystical

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