New way to deal with space junk

The company D-Orbit has proposed a new way of dealing with space
garbage under the name D3, which is different from all the others (and such
projects hundreds) of simplicity and high efficiency. At least
least, theoretically, these simplicity and efficiency are justified,
since there is no serious practice of using D3.

Specify that, according to the ESA, in that part of the cosmos, which
used for all sorts of artificial earth satellites, in addition to
too much garbage and debris flies around these devices: up to 1
cm in diameter – 170 million, up to 10 cm – 800 thousand, over 10 cm –
30 thousand. And every year it is so dangerous (for the same satellites and
even manned vehicles, the ISS) space “sowing” becomes
more and more as we have so far learned only to launch something
the orbit of the Earth, even to blow up their devices there, but to clean
from there debris – not yet.

NASA Space Debris Sensor, the only garbage collection tool
installed on the ISS, is still not engaged in the collection, and
fixation and study of debris of terrestrial origin. Realistically
a working mechanism for collecting space debris from the orbit of our
there is no planet yet. The fact is that all projects to combat
space debris further theoretical calculations do not go yet.

What is the essence of the new way of dealing with space junk?

Company D-Orbit first not only offered its flagship
system D3, but already successfully tested it in space. That’s what it says
On this occasion, the founder of D-Orbit Luca Rossettini:

The D3 system is a kind of plug-in engine that
able to divert any waste object in space to the thermal
death in the atmosphere. We offered to install the D3 system on all
launched satellites (offered for free!), however, did not receive
no support in this matter from any cosmic
agencies of the world, not from any private company, so we had to
run the test device yourself with the D3 – and the first test passed

What does this give to the whole world, because space junk
poses a danger to the whole earth, no matter who is
all littering in space (Russia, USA and China – see the video).
D-Orbit immediately began receiving orders for the D3 device, and
This is only the first step in applying the flagship system
cleaning up trash in near space. And although now
the company is working only to install D3 on
running machines, in the future she plans to install plug
�”Engine of destruction” and working satellites (the principle of installation
shown in the photo). Of course, this will not clear all trash in
necessary for us for a normal life on Earth
space, however, to a certain extent guarantees, although
the fact that the amount of debris in Earth’s orbit will not be disastrous

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