New weapons of Russia “Alabuga” – worse than nuclearbombs

Western publications, including the famous English
tabloid “Daily Star”, this fall frightened reported to the world,
that Russia possesses weapons that are superior to any atomic
the bomb. It was about an electromagnetic rocket with a strange and rather
terrible name “Alabuga”, like a mace on the head of enemies and
adversaries of our homeland.

What is the superiority of this “mace” that the concern developed
�”Radio-electronic technology”? Alabuga rocket, firing at
height of about 300 meters, can instantly display all
enemy electronics (and therefore all military equipment) in radius
4-5 kilometers. Moreover, all electronic devices are not
just incapacitated (temporarily), and practically burned
forever and ever.

Westerners describe “Alabuga” as “enthusiastically fearful”
journalists, the newest Russian weapons can easily infer from
building entire armies, destroying the entire modern military
technique, and even, allegedly, can cause detonation, and therefore undermine
ammunition, as well as destroy manpower, sheltered at depth
up to a hundred meters.

The very inventors of this super-modern weapon
So far, neither its real possibilities, nor its actual
power. However, one thing is certain – Russia has such weapons, and
for a long time, although for some reason it is not accepted for some reason
Armed forces of the Russian Federation. Or is it just a mystery for
foreign media?

How realistic is everything that Western journalists describe?
It is quite enough to recall the long-time experiment of the United States, which
In 1958, a thermonuclear charge of 1.9 Mt was blown up in space,
the result is that a powerful electron magnetic pulse has disabled
then nine satellites, and on the Hawaiian Islands
and Australia “broke” almost all electronics and even
Partially damaged power supply. The rocket “Alabuga” works on the
same principle of creation of electron-magnetic pulses, as the nuclear
charge, true without any explosion and corresponding consequences for
the environment.

We offer you for review the documentary “Russian
the weapon of the future: at sea, on land, in the air “which is beautiful
demonstrates what constitutes modern weapons of Russia,
proving that we also have Alabuga, and maybe something even
much more serious and dangerous for the enemy. However, you know
it’s one thing to openly show the enemy something, even allow some
information leakage, and quite another – really to have in case
war …

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