New Year’s Eve circled over Mexico UFO

New Year’s Eve, as a rule, presents people not only
fireworks, salutes and other holiday illuminations, but also
mysterious lights flying UFO. The past New Year’s holiday is not
was the exception. At least a few Mexicans have managed
even remove one of the UFOs that circled over the Monument to the Revolution in
Mexico City.

A recording with the pirouettes of an unidentified object was immediately laid out in
The Internet and in a couple of days gained a few tens of thousands
views, although, according to ufologists, it was nothing
kind of unusual. Why would such an interest?

As the witnesses themselves noticed, it seemed to them strange that for
his observation UFO chose the Monument of the Revolution, which for
Mexicans are a symbol of the struggle for independence, however
it was near him that the enemies constantly demonstrated their
superiority. Did the aliens appear on New Year’s Eve here
for the same purpose?

Such a strange conclusion is not without a certain meaning.
The fact is that conspiracy therapists frightened earthlings that it was in
New Year’s holiday will begin the alien invasion of Earth. Glory
God, this did not happen, but scared people any appearance
UFOs were perceived this time with prejudice, that is, as
aggressors. And then the mysterious device also made a whirl over
Monument of the Revolution. As if on purpose. And if not on purpose, but with
a certain hint? Hence the increased interest in the Mexican

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