New Yorkers witnessed a flight overmegapolis giant UFO

Since an unidentified flying object of very solid size
seen and fixed on the camera with a smartphone immediately several
residents of New York, few have any doubts about the authenticity
this event. Ufologists unconditionally believed that it was
a huge ship of alien origin.

The only thing that really surprised the experts was
the colossal dimensions of the “flying saucer”, which demonstrated
something incredible, as if flying over a megapolis flew not really
some reconnaissance vehicle, but a real starship

On the other hand, the UFO dimensions have pushed skeptics into
the assumption that the most ordinary terrestrial sailed over the city
the airship, albeit of a large size, but it is these devices in
Recently used, say, for promotional purposes.

It could well be, if not one “but”:

  • first, ufologists carefully analyzed the video
    (after this incident it was possible to find other videos), and they came
    to the conclusion that the UFO does not look like a dirigible;
  • secondly, airship advertising flights are designed just for
    viewers, and in this case a UFO, despite its huge size,
    I still tried to “remain in the shadows”, to be unnoticed;
  • Finally, the meticulous journalists of the local press have not managed
    find out if that airship was flying over New York that day
    indicates the absence of this information even in urban

Notice, while writing this well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott
Waring, even such an almost demonstrative flight of a huge UFO
over the metropolis today perceived by the philistines rather
cool, moreover, there are not only skeptics (they have always been
abound), but also simply indifferent to this people. But after all
happen something like 20 years ago, then New York literally boomed
like an alarmed hive. And now even journalists are lazy.
watching a unique video and almost never find
nothing sensational in it. And while the authorities continue to assert
(to pretend) that in our world nothing like this happens …

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