Newcomers abduct Argentine cowsfarmers

Farmer Julio Zurbirk from the Argentine province
General San Martin claims that someone kills for many years
local cows, and this someone is not a man.

The man himself had already lost three animals in this way. Last
The incident happened literally last weekend. Cattleman found
his cow of a rare Aberdeen-Angus breed lying on the near
field with multiple injuries.

Unknown violators removed the animal’s tongue, eyes, both
jaws, genitals and rectum, and with an enviable
surgical precision and accuracy. The cow was pregnant
however, her fruit was not touched. Shocked Zurbirk again turned to
the police, however, as the first two times, the guardians of the law could not
find the one who committed these “sophisticated” atrocities. However Julio
He admits that he is not really hoping for the help of law enforcement officers. By
Argentine’s opinion, the fault is none other than
extraterrestrial civilization, and against them the police is still powerless.
Cattleman tells:

Here aliens are involved, I do not even doubt
by this. This has been going on in our community for over 20 years. Have
people are lost cows that after a while
found dead and disfigured. Byлиция бездействует,
farmers too. No one can offer at least some reasonable
solution to this problem, so we continue to incur losses. I
I think that the aliens take cattle to their ships, and there
For some unknown reason, some organs are removed by animals. Other
animals, by the way, refuse to approach the disfigured
corpses. Dogs too.

Haveдивляет farmers и то, что местные чиновники и даже ученые мужи
refuse to admit that this is the work of aliens, although
explain all these unique animal surgeries
up to one hundred percent disappearance in the corpses of individual cows
blood, no one can. However, all pretend that nothing
supernatural does not occur, as if the wolf lifted the next
cows …

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