Newlyweds felt uncomfortable seeing on theirghost wedding

A few days ago a 28 year old British track and field runner
Richard Kilti married a 24-year-old Lithuanian athlete
Deauville Dzindzaleta. The wedding ceremony took place at
The 4-star Wynyard Hall Hotel in Stockton-on-Tees. Bride and groom
invited a limited number of relatives, friends and
colleagues, however, they did not even suspect that there would be two more
uninvited guests who will watch intently

When the newlyweds looked through the next day their wedding
photos, they suddenly noticed something strange in three pictures.
In one of the windows of the hotel, a mysterious couple appeared, similar to
a woman in a headscarf and a man in an old-fashioned cap.

Many will immediately assume that they were some other
the guests of Vinyard Hall, however Richard and Deauville refute such
the theory. According to the newlyweds, the hotel was empty that day because
they pre-booked all the rooms. It was made for
that love and guests no one interfered. Yes, and do not look
these two in the window as if they can afford here

Newly married couple believe that their marriage attended
two ghosts from the Victorian era. It is noteworthy that at all
three images of the alleged immigrants from the light etched
in black and white, as if the window was photographed old
the camera. This is also suggestive …

When you look at such photos, says Richard Kilti,
there are very strange sensations, for example, Deauville confessed to me
that she is both scared and happy that it has already happened and that
no one at that solemn moment noticed these terrible ghosts.
I, frankly, also somehow uncomfortable: it turns out that
someone constantly observes us, and we don’t even know it. And know
We do not want to, because the reality of these pictures is not so trusted
a lot of people, I think, not more than ten percent …

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