Newlyweds photographed the famousLoch Ness monster

The British Rebecca and Paul Stewarts, who were recently combined in marriage,
reported to have photographed the legendary Nessie.

A married couple from the English city of Chadderton is told that
went on honeymoon to Scotland and visited the famous
Loch Ness, in the waters of which, according to legend, is found
relic plesiosaurus or some other huge cryptide.
The newlyweds were near Fort Augustus when they suddenly saw
in the distance the dark head of a monster on the water. Newly minted spouse
hurried to photograph the mysterious creature on the camera mobile

Despite the fact that the shot received by the Stuarts was enough
blurry, you can still see a dark object on it
surface of the lake. Rebecca and Paul have already sent their picture.
researchers Loch Ness monster to compete for the prize
in the amount of £ 1,500. Last year was a record year.
the number of observations of the legendary monster, and local experts
decided to organize a competition among those who managed to catch Nessi in
camera lens. Experts believe that the promise of reward will allow
reveal many previously unknown photos and videos of the famous Nessie,
which, perhaps, was filmed, but it was considered not very important to do
Your photos and videos available to the general public …

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