Newlyweds won the prize for the best shot.Loch Ness monster, but many considered their victoryabsurd

Not so long ago we wrote about newlyweds Paul and Rebecca Stewarts from
English city of Chadderton, who went to Scotland on
Honeymoon. Newly married couple visited the famous lake
Loch Ness, where they accidentally photographed, in their opinion, the legendary
Loch Ness monster. Snapshot taken by the pair on the camera of the smartphone,
turned out not too high quality, but you can still
consider something like a dark head on the surface of a pond.

When lovers declared that they were planning to claim
� 1,500 prize for the best photo of Nessie,
many British journalists presented the news ironically.
Say, the Stuarts frame turned out so bad that it never
will not be able to compete with many pictures and videos with the image
a mythical monster made by other eyewitnesses. No one could and
imagine what exactly the photo of Paul and Rebecca will be recognized
experts are the most impressive, and the newlyweds will receive the desired

Other participants of the competition and just curious are still not
can understand why the Stuarts have been given the same honor. Annual
The draw was organized by the Official Registry.
observations of the Loch Ness monster. His head is Gary Campbell

Paul and Rebecca are worthy winners in our competition.
Their photo has become one of 11 materials depicting Nessie,
received in 2017. Last year was a record this year.
century by the number of observations of the mysterious lake monsters.
Stuart shots had to compete with other shots, as well as
videos, but my colleagues and I came to the conclusion that this
the most plausible material. This is already the 20th year we spend
this rally, and it stimulates eyewitnesses to show the world their
evidence of the existence of Nessie. Like a person who is thorough
view each of the photos and videos sent to us,
I can assure you that the monster is still alive and surely alive.
Another thing is where he really lives and why no no no appears in
our lake is a real mystery …

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