Next to the US secret base “Area-51″formed the “circle of death”

A mysterious circle that formed suddenly fifty miles away
from the famous “Zone 51”, the “circle of death” called ufologists,
found it on google maps. Where did he come from and what is himself
presents? Paranormal researchers are breaking now
heads and make all sorts of guesses.

It is surprising that this is a perfectly even circle with a diameter of
mile away, but the fact that it does not grow even unpretentious
vegetation of the desert of Nevada. Ufologists suggest that this:

  • place of landing some kind of secret apparatus maybe
    alien, and maybe of terrestrial origin;
  • mark left behind after testing a top secret weapon

Independent researchers cannot say anything exactly,
since getting into the circle itself with the instrumentation is not
it seems possible: this area is already covered by American
military, and there is no access even to journalists.

Moreover, in this part of the desert of Nevada at the moment
there is an incomprehensible movement of armored vehicles, as if being driven away
here for some kind of test or, on the contrary, to prevent some kind
attacks (“friendly meeting” with alien guests).

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