Nibiru destroyed life on Mars, now it’s the turnover the earth?

Despite the fact that world-famous astronomers are no longer
once made official statements that no mysterious
the planet Nibiru does not exist, the excitement around this topic is not

And that’s why:

  • First, NASA staff maintain the official point.
    view of Planet X, then begin to ambiguously talk about
    the possibility of such a cosmic body that does not inspire people any
    confidence in the future;
  • secondly, most people crave the end of the world so that
    they did not say there (the most popular topic on the Internet, let
    sometimes veiled, for example, interest in the Third World War,
    surely atomic, to the effects of the explosion of Supervolcano Yellowstone and
  • thirdly, new ones constantly appear on the World Wide Web
    materials from “reputable” scientists who argue that Nibiru
    still “erase our planet into powder.”

Another surge of “such information content” is allegedly associated with the name
the late astronomer from Serbia Milorad Protić. As they say
some experts, such as the former climatologist of the Geological
US Service (USGS) Dr. Ethan Trowbridge, Protich was one of
the first who claimed that fifteen hundred years BC
Planet X has destroyed life on Mars, and its next victim is
will be the earth.

Moreover, Troebridge writes, Nibiru will pass near the Earth at a distance
three times smaller than she passed at her time past Mars, and
therefore, not just a catastrophe awaits us, for example, for all living things, but
real death of the planet. However, the scale of such a space
tragedies for humanity will no longer play any role …

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