Night guard stumbled upon an incomprehensible creaturein Argentina

Night guard from the Argentine city of Villa Maria, province
Cordova, recounts what he witnessed last week
something inexplicable and frightening. According to the man, it all started.
from what he, being in the observation room, caught on one of
monitors strange glow. Our hero, surprised, went outside and
noticed in the place where the camera pointed, somewhat scorched
stains on dry grass.

The Argentinian took out his mobile and began to take what he saw on
video, if necessary, to provide the authorities
additional evidence of what happened. The guard doesn’t even
suspected that in just a few seconds the most
real horror. Shining a flashlight on a small building
nearby, he suddenly saw a pale anthropomorphic creature,
getting up from the bushes, then again falling to the ground.

Eduardo (that is the name of our hero) decided not to tempt fate and
immediately ran back to the main building. It is noteworthy that next to
the man was a dog that never stopped barking, feeling something
hostile nearby. Many will surely call Argentine a coward
due to the fact that he immediately gave strekach, refusing to perform
your duty and confront the intruder. However, our hero
claims that there were good reasons for this.

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