Night vision camera caught in the lensspeed ufo

There are people who occasionally see a UFO (here and there), at that
while most average people are interested in this at best.
topic and browses the relevant sites on the Internet. Is there some more
ufologists are independent scientists involved in this matter (search
aliens, their vehicles, bases) in all seriousness.

There is also a third category of people who simply put
before a certain goal and in accordance with her strive
See and capture as many UFOs as possible. Among such “obsessed”
UFO hunters and Brazilians from the city of Tiris. �”Flying saucers”
This amateur ufologist “catches” with the help of modern optical
equipment. By the way, we note that the same occupation is fascinated and
resident of Maji Australia, positioning itself on the Internet
under the name colourufo, its excellent quality videos,
(since it uses a Canon XA2 infrared camera) with
all sorts of “flying saucers” appear on the world wide web
with enviable periodicity.

But back to the Brazilian alien hunter, who
days managed to shoot a video of the night flight of a rapid UFO
(see the video below). Notice how this speedy
the object appears at the bottom of the frame, at tremendous speed overcomes
long distance, then dramatically slows down, changing the flight path,
makes the same giddy turn and also
rapidly goes up, disappearing from the field of view of the video camera.

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