North America has captured manystrange celestial phenomena

February 7 this year, the daughter of one of the farmers in Canadian
the city of Spondinje Alberta photographed strange
heavenly phenomenon. The sun setting over the horizon unexpectedly took
teardrop shape, and a massive pillar rushed up from it

Perhaps it was not the sun at all, but, say, some
unidentified flying object or materializing above the ground
energy clot? Ufologists report that everything can be. Meanwhile
people of official science cannot find an exact explanation for this
�”Optical” phenomenon.

UFO and extraterrestrial civilization researchers from the famous
UFO Sightings Hotspot communities say that this is not
the only celestial phenomenon observed recently in the North
America By turning on the video below, you can
see a compilation of these phenomena.

Over the Florida city of Ocala, the virgin Richmond and the multitude
other localities of the United States were observed not so long smooth circles
and triangles in the clouds, shining orange “pillows” in the sky,
strange snow-white “waves” on the horizon and other unexplained
curiosities that surprised eyewitnesses and put scientists in bewilderment

Ufologists, of course, are convinced that the cause of all activity
�”Green men”. Some alarmists even claim that
a full-scale alien invasion of Earth is coming very soon.
Alarmists are also among devout people. Such personalities
believe that a religious apocalypse is near.

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