North Korea “talked out” about herEmf bombs

On the Internet, you can find a lot of materials conspiracy
application (or even testing) of climate or
tectonic weapons (doomsday weapons). No one else
the secret is that it is in the United States, Russia, perhaps in China. But with it
is North Korea here?

The fact is that the other day, as reported by the Daily NK publication, in their
the order got a brochure distributed among the highest ranks
Labor Party of the DPRK. And in this internal document in detail
describes the EMF bomb, its principles of operation and cases of use in
to neutralize or destroy the enemy. Here too
It is indicated that such attacks are an accepted way in the world.
a sudden and at the same time hidden attack on the enemy.

Moreover, with regard to Russia or the United States, not to mention
about China, there is no official information about the existence of such
weapons in these countries can not be found. Why is North Korea
so openly declares about EMF bombs, not just hinting, but practically
recognizing that they are in service with the DPRK.

You can, of course, write off everything on the closed document, which
accidentally became public. However, this is all for
a naive reader who doesn’t know that any such instructions
supposedly exclusively for internal use are
thanks to exploration publicly available to the whole world even before
will fall into the hands of addressed officials. And in Pyongyang, it’s beautiful
know and understand, and therefore the publication of such a brochure cannot be
considered as an accidental leak of secret information, rather
of all – this, say the conspiracy the thoughtful course of the world

Indeed, in the event of anything, neither the United States, nor Russia, nor the PRC will ever
recognized in the use of climate weapons, but now all
можно списать на Северную Корею, у которой есть Emf bombs
(practically the official recognition of this fact took place).

But why should Kim Jong Un be so substituted, experts are surprised
especially after about his arrangement with Trump on
reduction of weapons of mass destruction was so much enthusiasm
in the world press? Are globalists “appointed” Kim Jong-un first
glorious shahid (suicide bomber) of the coming New World

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