Norwegian girl photographed a ghost inempty car

In the Norwegian city of Ronan a slight
traffic accident. A car hit a moose
ran out in the evening from the forest on the road. The driver and passenger left
damaged car to call the police. In the next car
there was a girl who took a picture of an accident
car to the camera of your smartphone. Subsequently, the young Norwegian
unexpectedly noticed something amazing in this picture and

In the cabin of an empty car, it is not clear where the bald male came from
head! The most interesting thing is that the stranger sits in front right between
the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, which is naturally impossible.
The author of the image believes that she managed to capture the present
ghost. According to the girl, it could be the spirit of some
unfortunate, once got here under the car or asleep in
inappropriate moment driving. Strange only that the intended
phantom got into someone else’s car and sat down there in such
inappropriate place. Maybe he just wanted to be closer to

Skeptics on the World Wide Web, of course, believe that this
no ghost. According to the doubters, it’s about the
the usual paradolic illusion when our brain perceives
random outlines as something familiar — for example, faces.
The materialists suggest that it could be a console over the wind
glass or a pile of things in the back seat. Meanwhile some
Web users looked at the second human silhouette in the picture,
located behind, slightly to the left of the first.

Interestingly, the appearance of ghosts somehow connected with the killing of moose?
Let accidental, but after all the fact of the death of an animal could
provoke a breakthrough phantoms in our world. Not by chance they appeared
it was in the killer car …

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