Not found in Tutankhamen’s tombpresumed hidden rooms

In recent years, scientists have investigated the tomb three times.
Tutankhamen, which is located in the vicinity of Luxor, on the subject
hidden rooms in it. According to the newspaper Al-Ahram, the new
The survey put all the dots above the “i” since scanning with
Using the most advanced equipment did not confirm the guesswork
previous Egyptologists.

By the way, for the first time such an assumption (about hidden cameras)
made the British scientist Nicholas Reeves, who claimed that
The tomb was built primarily for the mother of Tutankhamen – the Queen
Nefertiti, the tomb of which is really looking for in vain
Egyptologists. Reeves believed that a hidden room could be behind
the north or western wall of the tomb of Tutankhamen, since on this
indicated materials different from the main structure.

Note that the former minister of Egypt, dealing with antiquities
countries, Mamdouh ad-Damati in 1916 confirmed the assumption
Nicholas Reeves, stating that the georadar found voids behind the walls
Tutankhamen’s tombs, moreover, allegedly, were present in them
some mysterious metal objects.

And here is the current conclusion: the new, the most extensive research for
last two years, did not confirm the bold assumptions about the hidden
chambers. According to Al-Ahram, a more detailed report on the progress
work will be made a little later, with a statement about this
Francesco Porcelli of the Turin Polytechnic University

What can be discussed in this statement is difficult to say. However in
The Internet has already leaked information, according to which, French
archaeologist Avril Sap claims that the last scan of the tomb
Tutankhamen actually denied the presence of a hidden tomb
Nefertiti. However, something was found behind the walls. By this
mysterious “something” has become a mysterious material resembling
the outline of the body, why researchers have designated it conditionally

I have never seen anything like this, says Sap, we,
Of course, we don’t know what it really is, but maybe
here lies the great mystery of what really stands behind history
Of Egypt and the mysterious erection technology is still for us
the pyramids.

Note that prominent Orthodox Egyptologists, as well as senior officials
Egypt, always opposed the version that in the construction of the pyramids
Aliens participated. Therefore, conspiracy therapists are confident that
the current discovery will also be safely hidden from the wide
public, like, say, and the mystery of the mysterious descending ladder
under the Giza Plateau that has become a little sensation of the last
archaeological news because under the plateau could be discovered
�The “Stargate” that many prophets talked about, such as
Casey. However, both there and here – everything is covered with a mystery, behind which they stand
the military and the Egyptian authorities (probably, conspiracy theorists write that
this silence hides the shadows of much stronger worlds –

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