Not only can Hurricane Harvey sufferthe americans

The fact that Hurricane Harvey left tens of thousands of Texas residents without
of course, sadly, but the “American tragedy” can
go beyond the US and spread to the whole world.

The fact is that the hurricane captured the island
Galveston where is the biological laboratory of medical
Faculty of the University of Texas – a building stuffed deadly
dangerous viruses, microbes and bacteria, such as avian
influenza, West Nile encephalitis, SARS and others,
perhaps even more scary and horrible, as journalists just
are silent.

Due to flooding, the connection with the island was interrupted. Of course,
the laboratory is a modern building with basements at depth
thirty meters, that is, a structure that can withstand, according to
assurances of the creators of this object, the fifth category hurricane
the Saffir-Simpson scale, and Harvey reached only the fourth
categories. However, there is a danger that due to interruptions
electricity will drop pressure in the blocks that store dangerous
viruses and bacteria, and this can lead to a real tragedy. AND
although the building has autonomous electrical support, yes only
it also requires fuel, which today’s not to start
seems possible.

Environmentalist lawyer Jim Blackburn openly expressed at the time
sober thought that does not understand Texas residents who agree
to create such a dangerous laboratory in such an unreliable place – on
Galveston Island, but nobody listened to him then. AND вот теперь
Texas authorities are in suspense: what is it all about?
will it end? One can only hope that the next nonsense
Americans will not lead to a new global catastrophe (as it was with
bacterium “Cynthia”), by the way, everything happens again, as if in
the damned Gulf of Mexico …

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