Novokuznetsk tourists took unique picturesfrom yeti

On Kuzbass on March 27, 2011, tourists accidentally ran into
snowman and made unique footage of this mysterious
hominid shots that along with the famous video of Gimlin and
Patterson, shot in 1967, may be one of the real
evidence of the existence of bigfoot.

At least, at present, cryptozoologists of the USA and Russia
really consider this possibility, and therefore even plan on
the grounds of the pictures taken make a video. Good that
modern computer technologies allow such
�“Transformations” without distorting the quality of photographic documents.

The question is, why researchers snowman
took 7 years for this? And all because of
TV reporters authentic photos about the Yeti, made by a tourist
Alexander Chudanov, aired on April 1 and were received
almost all sensible people like fake like
April Fool’s joke.

And on the “10th channel” then showed not only unique photos
Chudanova, but also the video of his colleague in tourism Nina Ovchinnikova,
which at that meeting with the hominid was so confused and frightened,
that filmed it all on a smartphone mechanically, why record
turned out to be vague, like those that can be seen in
set today. But it is this vague record and closed
unique cadres the way to research archives.

And only seven years later, the truth seemed to triumph. AND
as Russian cryptozoologists say: in the USA there is a world video with
самкой бигфута, а у нас будет мировое фото from yeti, ничуть не
inferior to Patterson’s video.

Not accidentally the other day in Tashtagol the candidate of historical sciences,
директор Международного центра гоминологии ANDгорь Бурцев сказал:

Ни один фотоснимок или видеололик from yeti полвека не мог
compete with the video with the female Bigfoot Patty. However twelve
photos from Kuzbass become an excellent competitive material
famous video. This quality of photographs is not yet
It was.

However, see and evaluate yourself …

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