Now chupacabra scared residentsKazakhstan

Residents of Kazakhstan villages Mangistau and Karakuduk, private sector
the city of Zhanaozen of the Mangystau region are concerned about the emergence
mysterious beast that attacks livestock at night.
Today in social networks and messengers a lot of information about this, and
almost all the authors agree that this beast is

And because it kills pets, drinking all their blood,
что не делает практически не один хищный зверь Kazakhstan. More
Moreover, the Chupacabra is not averse to domestic cats, which is why the neighboring
Auls soon no one will catch mice. And bloodless carcass
cats are found on the street, near the villages, that is, they are lying
everywhere. It drains blood of a terrible vampire beast at night also chickens,
rabbits and even larger pets, for example,
the mythical chupacabra without a twinge of conscience attacks even on

However, in the Karakiya district police department, as well as in the city prosecutor’s office
Жанаозена, куда обратились журналисты центральных СМИ Kazakhstan,
information about chupacabra was not confirmed, for example, by the city prosecutor
Omar Sutbayev exclaimed in surprise: for the first time I heard!

Where did such an influx of discussions about the Mangystau
области Kazakhstan чупакабры? And users of social networks
and messengers tell not only terrible stories about it
mysterious beast, but even upload videos to the Network (see

Maybe something really mystical frightened people, because not
can there be smoke without fire? And the fact that before the authorities this “smoke” is not yet
reached, quite understandable: local leadership does not like mystical
stories, and therefore the Chupacabra is for them nothing more than the agiotage of rural
residents about the attack on the animal of the usual wild predators,
let’s say a ferret or a fox.

I wonder if the chupacabra will ever be caught or not? If you believe
to American conspiracy therapists who recently spoke with
the statement that, according to the secret data of the so-called
�”Texas incident”, chupacabra may well be mutants, in
which turn people infected with a dangerous mutagen – a virus,
escaped from a secret biolab, which is located near
El Paso (United States). And supposedly such mutants – Homo Dinosaurus becomes
in the world more and more …

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