Now on the moon found another wheel

The indefatigable ufologist under the pseudonym of George Graham, leading to
YouTube is hosting the popular Streetcap1 channel, continues to search
the presence of aliens on Earth and in the near space. Now he
discovered a mysterious wheel on the moon.

Rather, George has found this man-made
a wheel on one of the moon’s images taken by mission astronauts
�”Apollo 17″. Ufologist discovered a dark circle, very reminiscent of
familiar to us the wheel that nature simply can not be. And,
according to the researcher, this “wheel” casts a shadow commensurate with
in direction with the shadows of the craters of the moon. Surprises and emphasizes
Graham, that in previous photos taken a minute earlier,
this wheel is not.

Internet users have suggested that the “wheel” in the very
really could have happened by chance as a shooting defect, especially since
those days the photographic equipment was not as cool as it is now.
Other users think that this wheel proves once again that
Americans have not flown anywhere and have never been on the moon. Someone
accidentally threw this wheel in the studio, and it fell into the frame along with
imitation of the lunar surface.

We suggest you also watch George Graham’s video footage,
which was published a little earlier. It shows ufolog
found in one of the pictures of the moon of a dead alien.
However, the majority of the World Wide Web users never
were able to understand from this find, so it is not by chance that one of the users with
ehidtsey wrote that, apparently, you need to be a ufologist with great experience,
to see here something similar to a humanoid, and the usual
man – it is not given.

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