Now you can burn extra calories without physicalloads

At least that’s what the Southampton researchers assure us
University of England who managed to synthesize a molecule
causing the animal to have the same effect as physical
loads, for example, when playing sports.

The substance, which scientists have conventionally called “compound 14”,
causes cells to consume glucose vigorously, as if the body
is at the peak of physical activity, although at this time
experimental animals (in this case, laboratory mice) were
in complete rest.

Such a medicine, researchers believe, will help people in the future.
with obesity and diabetics. And in fact, and in another case, the resulting
the connection allows the cells to “think” that they are running out of energy,
therefore, begin to consume glucose intensively. Experimental mice with
signs of excessive obesity due to a new drug for
weeks lost up to 5 percent of body weight, remaining almost full
real estate.

This is what one of the authors of this
Research Felino Cagampang (Dr. Felino Kagampan):

Let’s start with the main thing: based on “compound 14” in the future
You can create an effective drug in the fight against diabetes.
Modern drugs, I must admit, are almost useless with diabetes.
of the second type, all of which, as a rule, lead to spilled
weight of man. A new molecule, derived by us, easily solves these
problems – lowers blood glucose and reduces weight. And
for this man does not need to apply any physical

Currently a group of scientists at the University of Southampton
continues to work on his device: you need to confirm it
effectiveness during numerous and varied experiences as well
determine the safety of the human body …

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