Now you can explore the unknownthe ecosystem

According to Science Alert, next week the group
British scientists led by BAS (British Antarctic Survey)
will leave the Falkland Islands and head towards Antarctica –
specifically to the glacier “Larsen S”, from which in June last year
broke off a giant iceberg A-68 (the size of Estonia), freeing
thereby seabed hidden from the sun at least
120 thousand years. Because of this, there should be a special
the ecosystem that the researchers planned to explore
Great Britain.

This is what the expedition leader says about this
Catherine Lince:

This is the most urgent expedition, since with the end
Antarctic nights in this area for the first time in many thousands of years
there will be exposure to sunlight on the already existing
темноте the ecosystem. Breakaway iceberg last summer
provided biologists with a unique opportunity to study in this place
life of marine life, their reaction to all these cardinal
changes in their usual environment for them. It’s hard even
imagine with which riddles, secrets and, no doubt, with scientific
discoveries we can face here!

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