Odessa region is experiencing an invasionaliens?

Residents of the Odessa region in recent days are no longer concerned
politics and not even the chaos that is observed in the country and
expressed in the permissiveness of officials and the military, and the invasion …

At least, that’s exactly how Odessans think (and not only
they are) because (see the videos below) an incomprehensible phenomenon in the form
fire UFOs in the sky here are captured on video already in Saratsky
region, above the Dniester estuary, in the village of Karolino-Bugaz and many
other places. And this is just what the inhabitants of the region managed, as
says “documenting” with video cameras. In fact
it seems that since the beginning of October in the Odessa region
началось нашествие aliens. Not by chance with this phenomenon.
not only Ukrainian ufologists became interested, but even researchers
similar phenomena from around the world.

Some Internet users are jokingly talking these days,
that the long-awaited armada of aliens, who were most awaited
the Americans, for some reason decided to land in the Odessa region of Ukraine,
and ahead of the target date at the end of the year.

The very inhabitants of this long-suffering Ukrainian region are far away
not kidding, they are seriously scared, because to all sorts of
This country’s problems are not too many for simple

Some residents even began to recall the former governor
Mikhail Saakashvili:

With him, too, the devil knew what, however,
At least the aliens did not scare us. And right now
some kind of doomsday every day, do not understand what to think: then
whether the war has begun, or the end of the world. Villagers are already afraid
drive the cattle to pastures because they say that
aliens steal cows, sheep and other domestic animals, and indeed
go outside, especially at a later time, it became

The authorities of the Odessa region, of course, do not react to
what is happening (it’s not up to it today), scientists don’t even try
somehow explain these mysterious lights in the sky, well, journalists only
they add fuel to the fire – it’s easier for ordinary people not to
becomes …

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