Offended dead of Cheeseman Park

At first glance, Cheeseman Park, located in the city of Denver
(Colorado) seems like an oasis of peace and tranquility. Stately
trees and lovely lawns create the impression of a quiet haven in
surrounded by busy city streets. However, many consider it
place dwelling the real horror.

… It all started when the park began to break on the spot
defiled and ruined old cemetery. If
authorities quietly erected several buildings on cemetery land – such
within the city often happens, it would be quite natural.
So no, this action was accompanied by a scandal that offended
the public and caused a strong newspaper hype. Not to mention
themselves offended dead, about which no one thought at all.

The history of the cemetery

In 1858 someone William Larimer laid a 320 acre parcel of land
intended for a graveyard in the then growing city of Denver.
The cemetery he named Mount Prospect. At the same time for influential
and wealthy residents were assigned the best plots located on
a hill; ordinary people got the middle of the cemetery, and the poor and
criminals – its outskirts …

At the end of the 19th century, the main territory devoid of proper care
�”Mount Prospectus” fell into decay and overgrown with lush greenery. Many
gravestones fell, wild dogs hid between graves, and
cattle roam freely among the graves …

For this reason, rich families abandoned Mount Prospect in
the benefit of two new cemeteries, and the old, which is now called
�”Urban”, it became the last refuge for the poor,
criminals, unknowns, as well as victims of typhus and smallpox. With
over time, property from Larimera passed to
cabinet maker John Walley, who also did not burden himself with worries about
the graveyard territory …

All this led to the fact that residents of nearby mansions began
demand that city authorities take action against it
disgraces, and they bought his land from Walley for a purely
symbolic amount – 200 dollars.

Despite the fact that the main part of the cemetery is very dilapidated,
Jewish and Catholic sections maintained order, and,
when the land was taken over by the municipality of Denver, the Jewish churches took away
their deceased, and the Catholic bought the corresponding plot
land and up to 1950. kept it in perfect condition.

Reburial of the dead

In 1951 Denver authorities demanded clean up
city ​​cemetery and took 90 days to reburial of the remains.
Thanks to this, some graves were opened by relatives
deceased for the purpose of re-burial, but more than five thousand
burials remained unclaimed. Finally the spring began
preparation for the reburial of all remaining bodies. Fearing
possible infection, city mayor Platt Rogers temporarily left

The operation was assigned to businessman I.F. Makgovurnnu (as
It turned out very unfortunate). Work under his leadership
conducted extremely carelessly, dishonestly and indecently.
The urban legend says that during it appeared in the cemetery
some old woman. Turning to the workers, she began to say that
over each of the dug bodies should read a prayer, otherwise the dead,
they will come back. They only laughed at the old woman. Workers
hurry, because in the district there were those who wanted to “profit” with decorations
and plates from graves and open coffins …

Human remains that did not crumble into small pieces,
unceremoniously pulled out of the old coffins, broken and somehow
stuffed into new ones the size of a box. Afterwards all
involved in the excesses of admitted that they felt fear and oppressive
the presence of something unknown …

For example, according to worker Jim Astor, he suddenly
felt his shoulders sank and pressed invisible
land. Jim got so scared that he threw a couple into the plundered grave
nameplates, torn by him from the opened coffins, which he
I wanted to take myself as souvenirs. Next day jim astor not
wished to return to the site.

… Almost immediately after these blasphemy, the tenants of the surrounding houses became
report ghosts. At night someone kept pounding
windows and doors, and from the open graves there were low sounds, like
on the groans. When the mayor of Denver returned to the city, the local newspapers were already
with might and main trumpeting about the mockery of the bodies of the deceased and local corruption
authorities …

The situation quickly turned into a scandal, it intervened
Denver ambulance station that stopped the shameful
reburial. As a result of the investigation begun, Platt
Rodgers was forced to resign. And in the cemetery itself
a considerable part of the unburied remains was still …

In order not to disturb more citizens, the unfortunate place was surrounded
a fence. New contract for reburial no one was, and
over time, about the dead of the old city cemetery (and their number
was at least two thousand) completely forgotten …

A park was built on the bones of the dead

Somewhat later began the laying of Cheeseman Park (named
one of the founding fathers Denver). Shrubs and seedlings planted on
somehow thrown graves …

Much time has passed since then. Despite all the measures called for
to elevate the territory of the park, the ghosts of people whose remains are so
grossly disturbed, actively present here, which is confirmed
stories of numerous visitors. People coming to the park
relax and rest (while not knowing his story),
there are painful feelings, anguish and even mortal fear.
Elderly citizens generally try to avoid this place,
True, modern youth do not particularly pay attention to all sorts of
superstition, however, this basically does not change anything, for example, in
Chizmen Park most often committed suicide and without a trace
people disappear …

It is also said that in the evening twilight in the park alleys
there are foggy silhouettes and strange shadows, you can hear whispers and
frightening moans. And at night there are playing children who then
disappear without a trace. They tell about walking along the alleys
strange woman, something in a low voice humming. She appears too
suddenly and suddenly disappears …

Frightening people and the fact that when trying to rise from the ground of the park
after resting they have difficulties as if they are being held
invisible forces. On moonlit nights on earth you can see the outlines.
former graves. In short, Cheeseman Park is a place from where
the living try to get away before dusk …

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