Ohio recorded weird flashes andheavenly explosions

For the past few weeks, concerned residents
the town of Anderson in Ohio is heard over its settlement
loud explosions and see bright flashes. Americans quickly identified
that all this has nothing to do with thunderstorms, fireworks or
meteorite falls And the sounds are different, and the flashes are completely different. Many
citizens are frightened and seriously fear various hypothetical
disasters like the invasion of aliens or “evil Russian”, as well as
use of climate weapons.

It all started on April 21, when residents of Anderson told police
about mysterious flashes in the sky, accompanied by noise. May 12th all
repeated Steve Hart, whose surveillance cameras recorded it
anomalous phenomenon (see the video below)
says that he and his family are very frightened by what is happening.
At the same time, law enforcement officers are inactive and in no hurry to look for
potential source of threat. Some townspeople even started
seriously suggest that it is a conspiracy, and the guardians of the law
cover the authorities who decided to arrange here
experiment on ordinary people.

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