Old chair in the Astrakhan apartment suddenlycame to life

According to the site astrakhan-24 of Astrakhan TV channel
�”Astrakhan 24″, in one of the city apartments of the old housing stock
вдруг… came to life стул. The chair itself is old, shabby, apparently
the same age or even older than the apartment itself, but to this day
no one watched anything like it.

And it was like this: a young girl Zoya (fictitious name) the other day
I was sitting late on the Internet when I heard from the kitchen
characteristic sound of moving furniture. Thinking that in the apartment
thieves climbed, she woke her mother (there was no one else in the house),
and two women, armed with improvised means (mop and
sliding stick from the vacuum cleaner), headed to the kitchen.

Imagine their surprise that no one was in the kitchen,
but the heavy old chair blocked the entrance somehow
self moving from the corner behind the fridge to the doorway
the doors. And then only the tenants (women came to Astrakhan not
so long ago from Volodarsky district and rent this apartment on
recommendations of their friends who themselves have lived in it for a long time)
remembered that the mysterious chair and earlier behaved unbecoming to him
way: he always turned out not where he should have been. But daughter
she sinned on her mother that she was moving the chair, and the mother, it turns out,
I thought the same thing about my daughter. And now, finally,
it turned out – the chair itself moves, and sometimes even so noisy,
as if pointedly.

Turning to the editorial office of the TV channel “Astrakhan 24”, women
hoped that they would be helped by those who came across a similar
devilry. And they were right: several responded at once.
assistants: the mufti of the Astrakhan region Rauf-hazrat Dzhantasov,
press secretary of the head of the Astrakhan and Kamyzyak eparchy father
Igor, not to mention the magicians and psychics. And if the first two
advised to resort to ecclesiastical methods of exorcism from
apartments, then psychics are trying to understand who possessed the
the mysterious chair that power manages it.

The most interesting thing is that no friends of the affected women that
they were advised to rent this apartment, not by the owner herself, ever
nothing like this behind the chair did not notice, as well as for housing in
whole The apartment is rented for many years, and with the old
furniture, however, no strange events occurred in it before
of this.

Scientists, as always, refuse to comment on such cases.
The tenants themselves decided to just throw away the damn chair, and
flat sanctify, although they are not believers. TV channel promised his
Viewers will tell you how this amazing story ends …

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