Oliver Cromwell’s spirit hit the video inthe museum

The spirit of the famous British statesman, commander
and the leader of the English revolution of the seventeenth century, Oliver Cromwell,
probably hit the camera lens. Several tourists visited the house
Cromwell in the city of Or, the county of Cambridgeshire, performing today
function of the museum, and quite accidentally captured something there
mysterious. Near the exhibit in the form of a deathbed policy with his
a wax figure flew a mysterious clot of some kind of energy.

At least that’s what Englishman James Labour says,
removed the video below. Skeptics on the World Wide Web
believe that it was a simple shred of dust in the air or a glint of light
in the lens, however, the operator is convinced that this is exactly the ghost
Lieutenant-General of the parliamentary army who died here at
September 1658 from a deadly combination of typhoid fever and
malaria. Since then, it is believed that the revolutionary spirit dwells in its
bedroom and periodically materializes there as ominous
pale figure. Something that managed to catch the lens
camcorder to our hero.

In addition, in the house from time to time there are so-called
�“Cold zones” in which museum visitors begin to freeze even
sultry summer. In a building of nowhere, there is a smell of incense, and
Peripheral vision can be seen vague movement in the corners
rooms. Many people feel uncomfortable here, as if
they are watched by someone invisible and not too benevolent. how
says a popular urban legend, the late Oliver Cromwell
unhappy that his house was turned into a museum – an attraction for
tourists, and tries to get rid of the uninvited guests with their ghostly

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