Omen after the loud announcement of the PopeRoman

As we have already reported, on March 30 of this year, Pope Francis is literally
shocked all Catholics, saying that hell does not exist, that
sinful unrepentant souls simply disappear, thus
losing eternal life.

How immediately trumpeted the world media, the denial of hell from
the pontiff is not some kind of harmless trick of a sectarian shepherd,
This is a real scandal in the Catholic Church, why the flock and her
numerous shepherds were terrified.

Не прошло и дня после столь громкого заявления Папы Roman,
plaster suddenly fell from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. AND
it is in the midst of Holy Week before Catholic Easter – right on
heads of numerous pilgrims whose influx into these Easter
days the Vatican waited up to 5 million.

By the way, the plaster collapsed near the main entrance of the Basilica,
why it is urgently closed. AND произошло это, как утверждают
journalists, literally a couple of hours after the pontiff
so freely spoke of the afterlife.

Since nothing in this world is accidental, like
claim wise, especially when it comes to the church and its higher
hierarchs, then such an unpleasant sign of nothing good to the Vatican
promises, especially if the identity of Francis is mixed up here. Remember
like three years ago the Pope released white doves into the sky with
the wish of peace and prosperity to Ukraine, and how there is no news of them
a raven and a seagull literally attacked by a miracle (see the video).
What happened to Ukraine in the future – everyone knows today.

AND вот в Ватикане – очередное знамение. Course argue on
one hundred percent that the collapsed ceiling is certainly associated with the statement
pontiff about hell is difficult, the question is quite controversial. However analysts
they see it as a bad sign – after all, it all happened in Passionate
неделю и слишком быстро после скандальных слов Папы Roman,
like a warning that trouble, and even trouble, in
The Vatican has to wait in the near future …

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