Ominous growl recorded in the basementbreweries

A group of young people from the American city of Savannah, state
Georgia, claims to have recently encountered something frightening and
inexplicable. Our heroes went to the local brewery bar “Moon
River Brewing Company “and went down (as part of the tour) to the basement,
where, according to city legends, various devilry dwell.
Friends did not even suspect that they themselves would witness
supposed supernatural phenomenon.

The video below was taken by one of them at
using a smartphone. Turning it on, you can hear the weird creepy
the sound making the way, as they say, to the bones or to the livers. is he
similar at the same time to the cry of a man, the roar of an animal and some kind
muffled throat.

Some eyewitnesses believe that a demon’s voice is heard in the basement.
from hell. Others are convinced that this is a ghost, true
strange, why is it screaming so terribly? Very rare manifestation
ghosts in our world …

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